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Claiming My Creator State

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The human being's natural state and birthright is one of sovereignty. We are born creators, anything else is impossible, as it is the vibration of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions, both conscious and unconscious, that create everything in our individual and collective experience. However, because of the agreed upon dynamics of the Game of Earth Life, we go through all sorts of conditioning and programming from conception within our mothers' womb, and we forget that we are in fact creator beings, in power of the creation of our experiences, which quality is defined by our responses to the very same. The result is that we keep creating in every moment, but very often in an unconscious way. Through our misperceived separation from Source and forgetfulness of our divine birthright and responsibility to create in an aware and masterful way, we often give away our power and start to embody victim consciousness. This state becomes the root from which a plethora of distortions evolve in our human consciousness and creation. To be able to consciously create/manifest, it is important to not only add onto the ego mind chatter, but to remove subconscious patterning that is impeding you from being the divine being that you truly and naturally are, just by being here. The purpose of the collection of these transmissions is to assist you in claiming back your state as the creator; to be able to consciously and purposefully create your (multidimensional) life experience.

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