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Clearing Emotional Blockages

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The ability to FEEL a wide range of emotions is what defines us as Earthlings in this universe. The emotional guidance system is a unique gift, when mastered and used in a proper way. It is something that we as a human race has been given, partly to transcend 3rd density, eventually. When we reach higher levels of consciousness, everything is transparent. The language of energy speaks TRUTH and WHAT IS. Getting to know, understand, refine and master our emotions, build our confiance and trust in the hearts' guidance. When we are not trained in the way our heart guides us, we may be lost in confusion, suffering and disempowerment. The distortions, the separation, the wounding that has happened in this realm are very real on the human level. Our human games have put an enormous pressure on our psyche, our bodies, our nervous system and our hearts, and so, it is important to offer healing to all these parts of ourselves. This collection of 15 powerful transmissions has the purpose of offering exactly this. Through the advanced spiritual technology of the languages of light, you will be brought layer by layer into your emotional body. To feel, to become aware, to accept, to surrender, to love and, through this, quantumly transmuting emotional blockages and low vibrational feelings across all parallel realities, that are impeding you from stepping fully into maturity and mastery, and consciously living the life in alignment with your true self and a peaceful heart.

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