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welcome to the online library of transmissions and courses

Its mission is to hold the space for you to awaken, to grow, to mature and to step into your full mastery as a multidimensional light being and conscious creator, bringing with you your human body. This includes raising your vibration, activating your crystalline DNA and light body. These courses and transmissions are held by the Divine Mother energies. You are in the womb, ~ safe, protected and nurtured, preparing for rebirth. Emotional maturity requires a wide array of experiences, trial and error, practice and refinement, before knowledge becomes wisdom, and wisdom becomes integrated in the living embodiment of your beingness. Please remember, humanity is a young race, we have much to understand and to learn. So be gentle and kind, and generous towards yourself and others. There is much assistance available, both human, Angelic, from the Ascended Masters, and from our brothers and sisters in higher realms, ~ on this page, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, Venusian, Lemurian and Andromedan presence especially. They are a part of us, as we are them, and they are with us every step of the way. 

I welcome you to The Cradle,

with deep honor, respect and love, for your decision to step up, and to hear and follow your inner calling.

Musical Light Language Transmissions
for purchase and download

Please click on the below YouTube links to listen to sound clips from each transmission
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