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Business on New Earth

What does new creation look like in a higher vibrational reality?


The crucial New Earth Templates

To fully experience an upleveling of our reality, we need sustainance and alignment with higher qualities in all aspects of our lives, including our businesses. All our creations must be anchored in the New Earth Templates, in an integrated Divine Masculine Feminine balance and foundation, or they will simply not be energetically supported and a collapse will happen increasingly more rapid now than just a few years ago. Creating in these new fields requires something quite different than what we based our creations on in the lower vibrational playgrounds.


Creating from the Heart

From where do my ideas come from? What is my core intention and the true purpose of my new creation? How is spiritual maturity important and what skills do I need to be able to create from the heart? How will my new creation affect and serve myself, the collective, Gaia, short-term and long-term? What does it take for me personally to be able to sustain the energy necessary for this new creation to flourish with ease and grace? How do I know whether a new creation is in alignment with and supported by the new and higher energetic field? How do I know when is the right timing? How do I know which people are in alignment for possible co-creation?


Guidance for New Creation

These are only some of the questions we need to ask ourselves while learning to play and create in the new field. If you would like some guidance on your path to create according to the New Earth Templates, either personally or business-wise (usually they go hand in hand), please send an email to to know more and to receive a suggested plan for co-creation.

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