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The Languages of Light

Light Language is a multidimensional universal language of energy. It can be expressed through human beings who have the ability and inner calling to share it, in a variety of different ways. It is a channeled language and it is not linear as an earthly language, but rather comes in quantumly, both as multisensory and multidimensional. Maria's Unified Self calls The Languages of Light "Advanced Spiritual Technology (AST)". For anything that is advanced and holds a vast potency, it is of great importance for those who channel it to be a pure conduit and to share with responsibility and integrity, for the highest good of all. Used in a proper way, it holds immense creative power and will undoubtedly be a significant part of our future and how we as masters will create.

Unique Soul Expressions

Maria shares light codes first and foremost from her higher levels (Unified Self, angelic, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Venusian, Divine Mother, Source) and sometimes from other consiousnesses in the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and Galactics. It comes through her body language and through her voice, accompanied by her crystalline beings and companions (crystal bowls). Each sound that she shares is a key code of light. They hold certain frequencies that offer information and instructions that facilitates the receiver's path in the awakening and ascension process. Depending on the intention set for the specific transmission, the potential is deep healing and reprogramming of distorted thought patterns, feelings and behaviours, resetting to ones original soul blueprint, activation of higher consciousness templates, activation of crystalline DNA and lightbody, and the crystalline ONE heart,

to name a few.


The Experience

What makes light language a tangibly and qualitatively profound experience is that it provides an easier access to FEEL Source, and to FEEL the oneness, peace and bliss that the field of these sacred geometric codes create. Just as one can observe in cymatic experiments or art constellations, where frequency vibration is used to show how frequency forms exquisite patterns in the physical, so does the different languages of light create magnificent spheres and patterns and works almost like physic surgery, restructuring distortions back to the natural, organic harmony and wholeness that body, mind, heart and soul seek. Furthermore it can be used to shift realities and create the new. Often there is also guides present, connected to the one experiencing, who assist in what needs to be done. The feeling of being out of body or in an elevated state of consciousness, is common, as one is brought out of the mind and in to the coherence of the crystalline stargate of the HEART. The entrance to the I AM Presence, to Unity and the ONE heart.

Group Gatherings

In addition to individual ascension guidance online and in-person, an increasingly more essential offering that is part of Maria's service work, is to hold gatherings of 10-50 people, and eventually even larger, as the information and light codes are to be shared with as many as possible. There is a force field of New Earth Templates that are being created in these gatherings and anyone who feels called to co-create these experiences, are ready to start anchoring them into their being and carry them through their own vibration into their everyday life, so that anyone who feels the resonance can pick up upon it and start vibrating in a new way, that sets in motion their accelerated process. No words are needed. The codes transmitted through the Languages of Light are very potent and may contribute to a more profound and efficient awakening and ascension process for those open, ready and willing.  


The Crystal Bowls

At the moment, Maria has a family of 7 crystal bowls, where 6 of them are with her in Mexico, and the last one holds the energetic anchor point in Norway (her origin on Earth). They all represent their own unique and characteristic consciousness and have different qualities to them both in sound, expression and specific gift. What they have in common is a deep LOVE for humanity and a desire to heal, help and facilitate in any way they can. 

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