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Maria Nyegaard


Maria is a bringer of higher consciousness, of freedom codes, of Divine Mother energies, and she carries the templates within her being for how Living on New Earth, as an awake and highly conscious HUman, may look like.

She is herself walking the path of ascension into full embodiment of Christ/Kryst/Crystalline/5D and beyond/Unity consciousness, and her role is to show what is possible for everyone along the way, with great respect and honour of the human aspect, on this auspicious journey towards raising our collective consciousness.

In 2009, Maria had a profound awakening experience, however continued to work in corporate leadership roles until 2015, when she stepped fully out and created Human Liberation. Her own personal and professional environment have been her pivotal playground and space for intimate inner learning experiences. This led her into taking the direct route to Source, which has been her calling and the reason behind her devoted and accelerated ascension path since her awakening. Walking steadfast from the illusion into truth, deciphering the programs, reading energy rather than words. Realising the creator behind the projection, redirecting and recreating her movie. Shedding her old skin to find her true essence in the

I AM presence and Unified Self.

She is a wayshower, ascension guide, healer, gridworker and multidimensional transmitter of the Languages of Light and is currently living in Mexico, where she is assisting with anchoring in the new light, and preparing and facilitating humanity's transformation into higher consciousness.



Maria opened a whole new world for me on my healing journey. With her sense of security, love, wisdom and possession of vast amounts of knowledge through contact with higher aspects, she has guided me through a transformation I never thought possible.

Through conversations, beautiful light language, vibration from crystal bowls and singing/toning, I have been given the opportunity to heal deeply and with much greater effect than I have ever been close to before.

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