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«Nordic Hymn» (light code messages from the mountains and Mother Earth)


Enjoy this powerful transmission from our beloved Earth Mother and her guardian mountains, letting us know she can do it, she is able to turn this ship around, to again become the glorious living library she once was, a long time ago, when she was Green Tara.


She is cleansing her body, purifying her waters, activating every little corner of her being to rise from the ashes. And she asks for our help.

To show up, step up and be the responsable master creators that we came here to be. Vibrate at the highest of your abilities. Focus on the creation of magnificence, leave the rest to her. Be couragous, resilient and stand tall.


Watch the New Earth form before you very eyes. Everything is possible. Believe it. See it. Know that it’s already done.


✨And so it is✨


The transmission holds a potential for restoration, integration and activation and it is advised to listen with ear plugs/headphones and drinking water before/after for the energy to flow with as much ease and grace as possible. Repeated listening is complementary.

Nordic Hymn

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