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Quan Yin in the Forest 

Quan Yin is an ascended master similar to Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Buddha and others. Ascended Masters are spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations/initiations and become embodied in these high frequencies/qualities/virtues. Living, walking, being AS that.

Quan Yin (her original name was Yoshinami) lived in a little mountain village in northern Asia, surrounded by a lush forest. Being the youngest of many siblings, her family wanted to marry her away at the age of 14. Quan Yin only wanted to live a peaceful life in the forest and as often as she could, she searched refuge in the forest. She even proposed that she’d be sent away to a convent just to remain in peace and her own space. As a consequence of her resistance, her father started beating her and she endured deep pain and suffering from him and the patriarchal society in which she lived, for most of her young life. 

When she was 13 there was a raid in her village. Mongolian attackers ruined everything, raped women and children and killed the men. Quan Yin’s parents were killed before her very eyes and she was violently raped and beaten. Lying on the floor, about to face her death, she heard a voice in her head that urged her to quickly get up and run into the forest. She wasn’t able to at first, but the voice was persistent, and she eventually was able to bring herself far into the forest, away from all civilization. There, for the next decade, she went through her ascension process, transformational initiations, with the help of nature, especially the element of water, and with the tender presence of a man and teacher, who appeared to her about halfway into this journey. She later realized was her twin flame. He appeared to her in her darkest hour, when she for 4 years had been struggling to survive and most of the time didn’t know what was real and not, and was weak and scared and full of shame and guilt and darkness. Slowly, gently and compassionately he stayed with her, for a long time on a safe distance, then slowly coming closer, to eventually teaching her how to receive, to restore, to come back to her true nature and to eventually embody the virtues of fifth dimensional kryst consciousness, being fully aware of all dimensions, and being able to sustain and withhold a high enough vibration for her to ascend. All through his illuminous presence, wise wayshowing and patient interaction. 


He had a purpose in higher dimensions and Quan Yin’s path was here on Earth at that time, so their paths split, and she chose to stay to share her embodied vibration in service and assistance to humanity. Her special gift was to share the vibration and presence of self-love and self-compassion, - compassion rooted in knowing that we are all one, we are all extensions of Source, Prime Creator, to whom we are bringing back our all of our experiences had through our unique soul Signatures. Quan Yin brings through the Divine Feminine on this planet, activated in her by the presence of the Divine Masculine (the man who stayed with her). 

Humanity is now restoring the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine on the planet in the same way, holding space for each other to eventually unify as ONE within. And from that space, so much healing will happen and new ways of creation will have fertile ground to blossom. 


Quan Yin has been with me for many years. She has been present with her vibration so that I can pick up on those frequencies and align with this vibration in my own bodies and fields. It is a shift in our state of being and it holds a specific vibration that has ripple effects on everything.


Recently I’ve been in a studio, recording light language transmissions from my Unified Self, Ascended Masters, cosmic family, Mother Earth, angelic realms, for the purpose of sharing these vibrational codes with all of you, so that everyone who is ready, can make this shift into a new state of consciousness.


I’m grateful and honored to be a facilitator for this, - an antenna, receiver and transmitter, so that these light codes that offer remembrance, restoration/healing and activation, may flow into your being as gracefully and efficiently as possible.


This is an advanced spiritual technology and way of efficiently reprogramming our causal body/unconscious mind, healing our wounded aspects beyond space and time and activating the fullness of who we truly are, body, mind, heart and soul.


It is a gentle and tender way of changing our state from one of complete forgetfulness, limitation, separation, judgement, manipulation, lack and fear, to one of unity, peace,  oneness with all, joy, harmony and unconditional love. 


It is perfect listening to early morning before getting out of bed and in the night when going to sleep. Please use ear plugs/headphones for best effect (restoration, integration, activation).

Quan Yin in the Forest