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Beauty and Creativity

The heart knows beauty in all its expressions . When we observe something authentic, something pure, we can simply feel the essence of what we have in front of us, and it nourishes our soul. It is like the nectar of life, filling up every particle of our being. The same can be felt with experiences, that kind that just feels overwhelmingly sacred to our soul. The mind cannot provide us with this true fulfilling feeling, because the stories it tells us are not infinitely real. The truth of the minds's stories depends on perspective. What it tells us is usually an overlay, an illusion, and it is temporary and shifting, often leaving us with a void inside, like an elusive leaf blowing with the wind. The heart sees creation without judgement. It sees from the oneness that is Source/God/Prime Creator. The diversity in oneness that we observe in nature is absolutely mind-blowing. It is the same with all creatures in this multiverse, all with quite unique expressions, gifts and purposes, that all serve a perfect part in the grand design. The true meaning of beauty is intertwined with being a creator. We came to this planet to be master creators and bring all of our creations, our beauty, back to Source. Because we ARE Source. Everything, everywhere, is the collective consciousness of Source. Maria's vision for Living on New Earth is for us to unite and bring

forth these treasures, this unique diverse beauty of our collective conscious creation. Let us offer the truest, most vibrant, expanded, pure expression of what we ARE.

The most beautiful creation of all.

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