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Kryst Consciousness returning to our planet

Crystalline/Christ/Kryst consciousness is returning to our beloved planet and to humanity, we are awakening to remembering, and our 12-strand DNA and original blueprint is coming online.

The way to «access it» is by raising our overall vibration, so that all of our bodies can handle the amount of light this elevated consciousness holds and requires.

Raising our vibration, and hence our consciousness, means and includes many things. It means letting go of/surrendering the density of the 3rd dimension, - our fear and separation programming, limiting belief systems, polarity operating system, dualistic quality and value platforms, nutrition/dietry preferences and much more. As we loose more and more of the density and become increasingly naked, moving towards nothingness, becoming nobody, we flow and spiral upwards in our vibration (ascending). We become more and more embodied as our true selves, realizing we are everything and one with all. All that our ego mind has taught us and told us we will loose if we don’t stick to the old game, we realize we in truth gain, when we actually move with our hearts and expand with faith, kindness and love.

Such incredibly exciting times to be alive and participating in this auspicious transformation happening on Planet Earth and with humanity right in this moment.

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