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New Light Language songs available

Beloved brothers and sisters

For a long time, people have asked for transmissions that they can listen to with effortlessness, yet still efficiency in their ascending process into higher consciousness vibration. Light Language has for many years been my strongest and most beautiful companion on this path of remembrance, healing, upliftment, restoration, integration and activation, which is why I also wish to share it with as many willing hearts as possible.

The last couple of years the languages of light, and the information/instruction packages that comes with these light codes, has acceleratingly started coming through me as songs. My guides and higher levels tell me this is for the purpose of taking the high road and most direct route to raising our vibration and eventually to enlightenment/ascension. When listening to these light frequencies, we bypass the mind and allow for all that needs to be adjusted and redirected to happen without interference of our thoughts and other limiting mechanisms, structures that inhibit us from going beyond linear time and human perception.

Everything is energy, and energy can move and shift in an instant. So, when allowing the light codes to do the work, having set an intention beforehand and aligning with the purpose and message of the light language transmission, you can move yourself forward and upward at godspeed. Usually, the only thing beyond this that is required of you, is your dedication to repetition, for deep reprogramming and new habituation to happen in the causal and physical body. Expanding and aligning more and more with Source and Kryst Consciousness vibration.

The transmissions are perfect to listen to when you go to bed at night and before getting out of bed in the morning, when the physical body and conscious mind is calmer and the causal body (unconscious mind) is more susceptible to shifts into a harmonious, flexible and expanded state. During the day, listening from a speaker, it may spread high vibrational light codes into your environment, and possibly reach people in your surroundings, laying the foundation for authentic exchange and co-creation.

Drinking water to allow the energy to move gracefully and using headphones/ear plugs when listening, is advisable.

Please see the below link to my website for purchase and download of three new transmissions, to your phone or computer:

Here are some sound clips you may explore, before deciding which one(s) calls your heart the most. You can find descriptions and channeled messages from Quan Yin, Mother Earth and the Pleiadians by visiting my website (

Sending you much love

on our collective journey

towards higher consciousness



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