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Resignation vs Surrender ~ choosing the higher path

A stretch down the path from mind driven DOING and creating busyness in our lives, on the deepest level for the sake of feeling worthy, to more presence and conscious creation from our hearts, we discover there is a fine line between resignation and surrender.

When we slow down and start paying attention to how we spend our time and energy, for a while we will find ourselves in an inner battle between our ego selves and higher selves. We are perhaps used to keeping ourselves busy with projects and distractions that aren’t really aligned with who we are, or with what we in truth need in that moment in time. When we eventually stop to redirect, there is very often a process where the ego personality starts resigning, and this may after a while turn into feeling apathy and indifference. Simply the ego minds judgement from its perspective. It is okay. And this is usually a necessary step towards fully mastering our energy and navigating successfully in our ascension process. However, this is when we are invited to listen to the more mature and experienced aspect of ourselves, who knows this is just the EGO identity loosing its relevance, and grasping for its purpose.

Moreover, the more lightfilled, mature version of resignation, that doesn’t hold resentment, judgement, guilt, fear or shame, is the frequency of surrender. As with learning to discern between all energetic frequencies (emotions) it takes diving into both to learn to know the difference…the flavour, the nuances, the distinctive quality of each frequency. Discernment.

However, when we stop standing in our own way, controlling, chattering from our minds, even with the best intentions, and get closer and closer to the vibration of surrendering to Source and Divine will working through us, choosing the higher path, no matter how this looks and which is always aligned with our higher self and highest good, life gives us magic.

Unexpected lovefilled magic.

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