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Healy frequency device

Welcome to the world of Healy, - this incredible quantum bio resonance device that has the ability to scan, analyze and recognise the frequencies in your bio energetic field and your cells, and that uses this information to detect where you’re out of balance, - mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, environmentally and in relationships. It discovers where you have distortions in your field and in your body, and the offers you a program that can assist you in both getting more clarity around what is going on AND resets, rebalances and raises your vibration, so that you come into coherence and harmony. The Healy device works on everything that makes us human and it also has the ability to tap into the subconscious, because it reads energy and everything within and around us has a frequency, including the frequencies of our thought and emotions. So, when we can identify the frequency code that is somehow distorted and blocks us from being and living our highest potential, we can re-code whatever it is that we have to shift to bring us back into alignment and coherence.

Explore Healy

Get to know more about editions, prices and to purchase Healy 

Step 1: Use the link above and select the country you are from.


Step 2: Click the green button to say yes this is my referral link. You will see my son's name Elias Nyegaard.


Step 3: Explore the different Healy models and editions


Step 4: Choose the Healy model you want to purchase.


Step 5: Add it to your cart.


Step 6: Go to cart, double check the promotion applied and proceed to checkout.


Step 7: Account type - I advise you to select independent, as that gives you the opportunity to share and earn financial abundance through this model. If you are sure you will only buy it for your own use and will not want to share your own referral link with anyone else in the future, then you can sign up as a customer.


Step 8: Check your email for welcome notes and a letter from Healy. This will include your login password, and what to do when you get your Healy.

Testimonials from Healy users

In 4 weeks I learned more about my limiting beliefs than in years and years of personal development and therapy. I have become a conscious creator choosing the reality I wish to craft instead of letting the old programed thoughts run my life. I am crafting a new reality which includes linking arms with my soul family, and expanded health and wealth consciousness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was truly life changing!

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