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Stepping into Mastery - Highest Choice

Continuous plasma crystalline light codes presenting now, as Gaia is offering her greatest support at this auspicious time in Earth’s and humanity’s «history».

What an accelerated time and realm shifting experience it is in this very moment.

Awareness, presence, focus, dedication, responsibility, maturity, kindness and compassion are key qualities to BE and live this journey and organic ascension with ease and grace.

CHOOSING the vibration we offer, all the time redirecting and discerning what and whom we give our energy to. Every single day, highest choice, releasing of density, complete closure of the old, holding space for a new golden era forming itself while the old crumbles and dissolves effortlessly, with us as witnesses, nothing more. The huge transformation from carbon based to crystalline body structure, activating new skills/gifts through the ignition of our 12-strand crystalline DNA, - so much going on in every moment now for all who’s open, ready and willing.

Sending you all much love on our collective journey towards higher consciousness



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