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The Choices We Make

Our choices at this time are creating huge reality shifts, and the individual experience of our realities will be very different depending on each person’s choices from an INFINITE field of possibilities. It is essentially a choice of vibration. Which is the sum of our thoughts, emotions, actions, words and deeds. Conscious and subconscious. Vibration is transparent. There is no hiding. Whatever is IS, no matter who sees it or not.

Whatever we align with and choose, creates the next experiences on our path, and a shift in our vibration immediately creates a new energetic direction, which eventually materializes into a new life experience for each of us.

We are always part of the whole, the unified collective consciousness, but we are having our own individual and personal experience in it and of it.

The collective consciousness is moving towards a new and higher vibration, the crystalline unity consciousness or 5D consciousness and higher, which holds a very different set of qualities to it (than the duality/separation 3D one that we are currently in the process of dissolving). Peace, harmony, balance, gratitude, kindness, compassion, integrity, equanimity, responsability, divine neutrality, faith, abundance, freedom, joy and love, to name a few of the frequencies that build up the 5D design.

However, the experience of these frequencies in motion (e-motion) will only be YOUR experience if you make the choice to align with these frequencies, in all and everything that you are and do. To really BE this, to choose this, again and again, in the face of all adversity and atrocity, is how it becomes your personal experience. And on this unraveling journey of everything that you in truth ARE NOT, you eventually come to realize how creation really happens, and why then it is so important to consciously CHOOSE how you use your energy, your LIFE FORCE, to create.

And so, it is a time that invites us to look deeply into the field of infinite possibilities, to look without limitation or constriction. An invitation to break out of our own inner prisons. To really feel it and soak it in. The tangible liberation and freedom from your deepest inner fears.

It is within reach. Absorb in stillness what is, and has always been, available to you, but maybe not visable until now. FEEL how on the other side of fear, is your true liberation. It is an inside job, only reflected to you from the outside so you can see it more clearly.

Breathe in courage to be radically honest with yourself. Look and stay with it. Feel it. Accept it. Love it. Whatever you are realizing. Be grateful for your own presence and proud of your endurance.

Then softly start the course correction, make the adjustments and realignments necessary to start vibrating at a frequency that is for your highest good and the highest good of all. There is no more «time» to wait. Your vibration IS in this now, your choices are happening through your vibration in this NOW and from this your life is already being created.

It is a magnificent design, but one that needs to be understood and embodied to be mastered properly. There has never been a more powerful time to take these first steps like right now. The support, facilitation and assistance for our organic ascension to flow with ease and grace are more present and profound that ever.

Sending much love on our collective journey towards higher consciousness


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