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Emotional Immaturity vs Maturity

An important part of the organic ascension for each human being is to evolve and mature mentally and emotionally, raising our consciousness vibration. The human race is very young and is running on many immature programs, playing games and operating from victim consciousness and the illusion of separation. This is a fertile playground for a lot of suffering, confusion and frustration, especially for empathic souls that are here to evolve and ascend, and who do not always understand the dynamics of the dualistic, polarised, often manipulative human games and deep emotional immaturity. There will often be a lot of narcissistic relationships and struggling, as a mean to fulfil the soul lessons we asked for, before we finally remember and regain the vibration of integrity and sovereignty, - the only way to become empowered as a Master Creator, exiting this 3 density plane to explore higher realms of consciousness. The video does not go into detail about narcissism, however the focus is on how this evolves in the first place, and also result, which is the immaturity vs maturity we can observe and experience within ourselves and in people around us on our path to higher consciousness and vibration.

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