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Navigating the Human Journey and Ascension

(from webinar 4.2.2024)

An overview

* Light Language Transmissions for reprogramming, inner liberation and activation

* New Earth Templates and frequencies, anchoring and downloading

* The Game of Life and Earth School, co-creation and roles

* Understanding the implications of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind and creation

* What is truth and discernment?

* Why are you here?

* What is oneness?

* Mastery and Embodiment - how do we learn and evolve, and accomplish lasting shifts?

* Why is it important to find supportive and efficient ways of navigating the process of raising our vibration?

* Feeling the presence of Star family and Mother Earth

This masterclass was free and covered a lot of topics. In the next 5 consecutive Sundays (11., 18., 25.,3.,10.) new masterclasses will be given and then with more depth, tools and techniques that are relevant for mastering the ascension path with more ease and grace and reprogramming the deep subconscious patterns and behaviour that are limiting and blocking us from accessing Christ consciousness/5D consciousness and beyond.

Light Language Transmissions will be an important part of the sessions, as this is, in my experience, the most efficient and joyful route to subconscious/unconscious reprogramming, raising your overall vibration and experiencing lasting shifts.

5 masterclasses

222 euros

If this is right in front of you and calls your being, you are so welcome to join us.

Feel free to share with anyone who you feel would enjoy this.

Please connect via

instagram: livingonnewearth

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