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Tools to assist us on our ascending journey towards higher consciousness

There are many paths to choose on our ascending journey. They all lead to where we are supposed to go, in the end, - realising who we are as a fractal of Source, Prime Creator. Exploring infinite possibilities and having the whole range of experiences, to bring it back to Creation, for Creation, Us, Source, to know itself. Bringing everything back HOME.

My life is devoted to my calling of being in Divine Service to humanity, - being a vessel of embodied Christ/Unity/Crystalline Consciousness, having gone through all kinds of initiations to be able to sustain and carry these codes within my physical body too.

There is no turning back once you know truth in your heart.

The ascending journey will unravel you, mold and squeeze you, exhaust and drain you, throw you all over the place, push you beyond your human limits, not to spite you or punish you, but to assist you into surrender. Surrender into LOVE. And faith.And truth. It is all for you to find the true you, who is multidimensional. All-knowing, all feeling, all-hearing, all-seeing. All-sensing. Reconnecting with the nothing and everything within. Through your heart portal that connects you to the Source of all there is.

You don't have to walk this path alone. There is assistance and tools all along the way. The most important one is inside, however, the synchronised external support, which is in truth your higher self orchestrating the assistance for you, is pivotal, especially when things become rough and challenging to handle for your human heroic aspect.

I am sharing with you in this blog post, what is available to you through me and my vessel, both free material, and courses and products with an exchange, for you to choose what feels most aligned for YOU on your unique journey towards higher consciousness and vibration.

May you be blessed with the strength, perseverance and surrender to stay your course, and the love and touch of God/Source's hand to bring your Divine essence into it all.

I love you.


* To make it easily accessible, these are your options, should you fell resonant with my vibration and service.

Online courses

Private Sessions

Audio healing, integration and activation

Quantum Healing products

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